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JLB Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing brings more than 60 years of experience to the table to provide cost-effective basement waterproofing in Lees Summit, MO. If you’re dealing with a wet basement, you should know that there’s an effective application available that will resolve the problem once and for all- even if another company refused the job, we can help you enjoy your basement without worries that rain water will find its way into your home. Contact us for a free quote, additional information, or professional advice from our team.

Why is My Basement Wet?

Water always seeks the lowest level, so it should come as no surprise that basements are a prime location for moisture and pooling water when the homeowner has not made a plan of action to waterproof and direct rain water away from the home. You may have thought that a wet basement was just something you had to live with, but that’s not the case- contact JLB Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing to learn about affordable solutions that ensure dry conditions. If you’ve long ago lost hope of converting your basement to a spare bedroom or recreation room, we can make that happen for you.

Will Basement Waterproofing Last?

The results you experience will vary significantly depending on who you hire to perform the work. At JLB Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing, we offer long-term solutions designed to save the homeowner money. Another company may offer you a band-aid fix- make sure you inquire about a warranty before you hire a foundation repair contractor. A few more things to look for:

  • Positive reviews on the company’s website and on the Web
  • An A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • A company representative who is willing to take time on the phone to answer your questions and address any concerns on your part
  • A positive reputation within your community

Affordable Basement Waterproofing in Lees Summit. MO

If you’re looking for costs online, you probably won’t find an accurate quote. The best way to determine the costs of drying out your basement and fixing the current problem is to contact one of our service techs to request an in-home inspection and estimate. Every situation is unique, which makes it difficult to provide a cost estimate without first looking at what we’re dealing with. Don’t hesitate to call us when you want an expert on-site to offer you advice and direction.

Get to Know Us

Visit our website’s ‘Reviews’ section to see what your neighbors say about our workmanship and rates. We’re confident you won’t find a better team of foundation and basement specialists anywhere. Consider the value of owning a home with a completely dry basement and give us a call to make necessary repairs and upgrades. Your new basement will add additional square footage to your home that can be used as a home office, teen’s bedroom, billiard or game room, family fun room, music room, shop, or man cave. Don't wait any longer- call us today to learn more about basement waterproofing in Lees Summit, MO.

Is Basement Waterproofing Worth the Cost?

Compare the affordable nature of basement waterproofing with other options when thinking about increasing the square footage in your home and you'll start to see the savings add up quickly. With an average cost of service between $1,500 and $6,500, you'll find our basement waterproofing services one of the cheapest ways to reclaim space in your home; best of all, you won't have to consider building on. We have many different solutions to the problem of a wet basement. You'll find additional information on our website as you continue to explore our resources. Our professionals are available to answer questions over-the-phone, as well.

Check Out Our Reviews Online

JLB Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing has an excellent reputation throughout the community. Type our name into Google and you'll find 5-star reviews on Yelp, Google, and across the Web. Customer satisfaction is an indication that we're doing something right. Before you contact another contractor who may not be able to provide you with the same quality service as our team, schedule an on-site inspection and let our experts offer suggestions on how we can dry out your basement and keep it dry from now on. If you've been thinking about having your basement repaired, there's never been a better time than right now to realize your dream. Call us with your questions and compare our service rates with other contractors in Lees Summit.

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