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Your home should protect you and your family and provide a safe, dry place to live. When you have water in your basement it could cause damage to your home and health problems for you and your family. A leak in the basement can cause mold to develop and your basement could smell musty. If you are experiencing water you want to take steps to achieve a dry basement in Kansas City. The first step is to call an expert to determine the source of the water.

 What Causes Water in the Basement?

Water in the basement can be caused by cracks in the foundation, flooding, cracks in the walls, poorly graded property, gutter and downspout problems and more. Before you can repair the problem and get a dry basement in Kansas City you need to find out the source of the water. Determine whether this is an ongoing situation or a one-time problem. If you see an area where the walls or floor are wet or damp it could point to the problem.

Call in a professional to find the source of the water and determine the cause of the problem. Then you can work on the proper solution to create a dry basement in Kansas City. If the water is coming through the foundation you may be able to resolve the situation with waterproofing.

Can Waterproofing Help?

Waterproofing the basement can eliminate water and provide you with a dry basement in Kansas City. Basement waterproofing uses special materials to keep water from getting into your basement. There are often several things that need to be done to ensure that you maintain a dry basement in Kansas City.

You may need to install a drain if you don’t already have one in the floor. In addition, a sump pump will protect the home from flooding if excess water gets inside in any manner. The most important part of waterproofing your basement may be the application of sealant. Sealant is a material that can be applied to coat and seal the concrete from water seepage.

There are some DIY sealants on the market, but it is generally best to get professional waterproofing for quality, long-term results. Only a professional will be able to properly install the sealant and provide a guarantee. A professional will evaluate your needs to make sure that waterproofing is the proper option for your particular water problem.

If you notice a damp basement, wet walls or floors, or cracks in the cement, do not delay in getting professional help. Water can cause mold, which can lead to breathing problems for your family. You want to rid your home of the water problem as soon as possible and clean any damaged areas.

Waterproofing will give you peace of mind that your basement will stay dry and clean. Our team of professionals has years of experience and will quickly diagnose the source of your water leak and provide you with an estimate for repairs or waterproofing. You will soon have a home that is free from potential water damage.

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