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Grande prairie fertilizer

You want to make sure that your commercial property always looks its best. You may have plenty of grass that you need to care for regularly. A professional landscape service will take care of all of the regular lawn care needs, such as mowing and weed removal. You will also need to apply Grande Prairie fertilizer to make sure the grass stays green and lush.

How Often Does the Grass Need Fertilization?

Grass requires fertilization at least a couple of times a year. The first application of Grande Prairie fertilizer occurs in the spring. The grass is coming out of a dormant winter stage and needs some help as it begins the new growth cycle. When you start a new lawn, you need to apply starter fertilizer. It provides the nutrients that new seeds need to improve their chances of survival and growth. You should also fertilize the lawn during the growing season and again before winter. A professional landscaper will give you the details of fertilizing based on the particular type of grass that you have at your location.

Applying Fertilizer

 Many types of fertilizer have a formula that releases nutrients over time. The fertilizer is made in tiny pebbles. You can apply the fertilizer to the lawn with a spreader. There are different types of spreaders. If you have a large area to fertilize you will want to use an automatic spreader. It is a cart that releases the correct amount of fertilizer onto the lawn when you walk. You can use a hand spreader for small areas. A professional landscape company will take care of putting fertilizer on your grass. The will let you know when they need to apply Grande Prairie fertilizer and provide you with an estimate.

Does My Grass Need Fertilizer?

All types of grass will benefit from fertilizer. Grass requires nutrients that help it grow and thrive. When you have healthy grass, it is green and thick. Everyone wants a lush lawn, especially a place of business. In addition to fertilizer, your grass may need additional attention. A sprinkler or irrigation system is designed to provide water for your grass and plants. The lawn gets compacted over time. You need to aerate the yard once in a while to improve the air circulation around the roots and to allow it to absorb water and nutrients more readily. You will notice that your grass is thicker after you use fertilizer. 

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Grande prairie fertilizer
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