Log Cabin Repair Fraser Valley

If you need a log cabin repair in Fraser Valley, don’t consider anyone but the best. Superior Log Restorations is the industry leader in the Vancouver and Fraser Valley area, and offers the services log cabin owners are looking for to keep their homes in pristine condition.

Owning a log home is different from owning any other type of home, and care must be taken throughout the years to provide proper maintenance to the home, to prevent damage down the road. With proper maintenance, a log cabin can provide generations of beauty and function. The key is in the maintenance, just like with any other home structure.

Superior Log Restorations has been restoring and maintaining log homes in the Vancouver and Fraser Valley area since 2008. They are a family owned and operated business, owned by two brothers, Eric and Bill, who have a combined experience in the industry of more than 30 years, working for a number of home yards in the Fraser Valley. Superior Log Restorations was created when the brothers decided to take their years of expertise and skill and build a log cabin repair business in Fraser Valley.

Superior Log Restorations offers all of the services that a log home owner requires to properly maintain and restore their log home, including: restoration, yearly maintenance, chinking and sealing, sanding, staining, and log replacement.

Log home restoration can often be prevented through proper maintenance. The upkeep on a log home is intended to provide proper protection from the elements, including UV radiation, water damage, air infiltration, and insect and rodent infestation. A company that knows what they’re doing can also ensure that your log home continues to look the way it did when it was first finished. You can greatly extend the life of your log home by making staining and sealing a part of your yearly wash.

If your log home requires chinking, Superior Log Restorations can provide expert chinking service to seal the gaps properly between logs. For whatever reason you are experiencing gaps between your logs, a professional chinking will take care of the problem. Today’s chinking material is far superior to that of the past. Instead of trying to do the job yourself, let the expert log cabin repair in Fraser Valley do this for you.

Replacing rotten or damaged logs in a log home is essential, and while the task may seem daunting, the professionals from Superior Log Restorations are able to handle the job. Place a call to 778-344-9598 and request a quote and a consultation to find out what the project entails. Your log home is in excellent hands when you call Superior log Restorations.

Whether you need professional log sanding, staining, complete yearly maintenance or any other service related to your log home, make sure you call the log cabin repair company in Fraser Valley that has the experience to restore, maintain and protect your log home. 

Visit online at superiorlogrestorations.ca to learn more about the services offered, or to fill out a price quote request. You’ll be glad you called the experts.





Log Cabin Repair Fraser Valley
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