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Bathroom Renovation Tsawwassen

New Vision Projects is one of the leading home renovation companies in Tsawwassen, serving homes with unique remodel and design solutions. We offer the most affordable bathroom renovation in Tsawwassen without compromising on quality.

Steps for bathroom renovation

Our bathroom renovation is typically a 3-week process. We start with site preparation where we take measures to protect the floor, demolish the bathroom floors, cabinets followed by the electrical and plumbing rough-ins. We follow that step with the installation of tubs, exhaust fans, dry-walling, tiles for floor and walls, painting, vanity, and countertop.

In the final stage, we finish carpentry, plumbing, and electrical fixtures. We install towel bars, paper holders, robe hooks, and other accessories as per client requirements. Our renovation ends with a detailed clean of the bathroom.

Design tips for remodeling small bathrooms

We are a well-renowned name for bathroom renovation in Tsawwassen, especially in creating beautiful and efficient bathrooms in small spaces. Our secret to achieving this are:

  • We use shower curtains and glass shower doors that slide, saving a lot of space. We prefer compact corner sinks and build vanities with rounded corners to avoid any injury to the users
  • We choose wall-mounted facets which allow for more floor space and smaller vanity. We also design open shelved vanities, as storage with doors can restrict movement within the bathroom

How can I make my small bathroom look luxurious?

We use a lot of strategies to give small bathrooms, a rich and luxurious look and feel to it. We use a lot of whites in the form of tiles, flooring, and vanity to give your bathroom an airy and spacious feel to it. It also adds extra brightness to your bathroom, making it look bigger and vibrant.

We prefer floating vanities for storage of essentials in your bathroom to give more room in your facilities. Instead of completely tiling your walls, we recommend a large sized mirror for your bathroom to provide it with a classy, dramatic look and at a value much cheaper than tiling your walls.

How can I improve my bathroom light?

We use four different types of lighting based on client budget to give their bathrooms a clean and bright vibe. It’s all about the aesthetic that makes us decide as to what light goes where. We usually devise a lighting plan that illuminates the sink and shower area while dimmers are the perfect option for tub areas to give you space for relaxation and romance.

We use decorative lighting to add visual sparkle and accent lighting for clients that love art. Task lighting is our go-to option for most bathrooms, especially above the mirrors as it creates the best lighting for makeup application, dental care, and shaving.

New Vision Projects can remodel your current facilities into that dream bathroom that you’ve always wanted. We discuss with our clients to have a grasp of their preferences and work diligently to build and design a perfectly equipped bathroom. Call us for more details on bathroom renovation in Tsawwassen.

Bathroom Renovation Tsawwassen