log home blasting BC

Log homes have been a part of the Western world for more than five centuries. Pilgrims used trees to build homes and cabins. Log cabins began taking precedence in North America in the 1600s. These homes had a solid foundation of rock and structural stability using interlocked logs without nails. The roofs had the makings of either woods or greenery.

Logs are still fundamental building makeup in our homes. Unfortunately, log homes are prone to a lot of environmental damage from extreme temperatures and fluctuations in the moisture level. Over time, they lose the luxurious exotic look and begin looking worn out and shabby. You must consult a log expert on the proper maintenance procedures of wood, such as log blasting.

The importance of blasting log?

  • Blasting removes dust, dirt, and other debris from wood. An overload of this content will cause progressive degradation of the log and eventually, the entire home.
  • Remove stains without damaging the log’s finish.
  • Blasting restores finish that is peeling or wearing off. It also improves the original color of the log and reverses aged darkening.
  • The process elongates the life of the log for many years.

Types of media blasting

Glass media – This media uses recycled glass. It is an environmentally friendly procedure that reduces additional waste by recycling the preexisting one. The particles are as fine as beach sand, making the blasting process easy and fast. The glass is entirely non-toxic and safe to use around animals and humans.

Cob media – This process uses ground corncob, which is soft, making it safe to use around delicate areas like windowpanes. Cob is biodegradable and safe for all involved parties.

Silicon carbide – This material is the hardest of all blasting methods. It cuts fast and makes small splinters of blocks along the way. It is suitable for robust wood logs.

Pumice – This process is suitable when you want to protect the underlying material while removing the top callouses. It is a light, blasting procedure that requires an equally delicate touch. The home’s interior could benefit from the process while exfoliating the surface to expose a fine and aesthetic undercoat.

What can you expect from our log home blasting in BC?

Superior Log Restorations has a combination of thirty years of experience in restoring log for clients in the Northern Gulf Islands, the Southern Gulf Islands, and the Fraser Valley area. We have earned a name with the market of the region due to the consistently good craftiness.

We have an intricate study and understanding of log material and the most suitable process of restoration. Our staff will give your home an exquisite service that does not eat away at an over-processed section of the log. We will remove stains and stuck debris without creating depressions over the affected areas.

Log home blasting in BC will include inspecting the results to ensure that we maintain the beauty of the log. Our process eliminates the possibility of water damage to either the internal or the external parts of the home.




log home blasting BC