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Satin Finish Paint

Choosing paint for your home is one of the most important decisions you will make. It is best to match the type of paint with the surface and the use so you get the best coverage and durability. One type of paint that is very popular for use in homes is satin finish paint. It has many qualities that make it the perfect paint for various surfaces in the home.

What is Satin Finish Paint?

Satin finish paint has a lustrous finish but is not as shiny as gloss paint. It provides a beautiful finish that is rather forgiving of blemishes or imperfections. It has a low luster unlike gloss paint that is highly reflective. Satin finish paint is easier to clean than flat paint so it is best for places where dirt or fingerprints can accumulate such as around the doors and windows. It can usually be cleaned up with a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt or dust from the surface. Cleaning the surface will help make it last longer.

What Are the Best Uses of Satin Paint?

Satin finish paint is ideal for window trim, door trim, doors, molding, baseboards and window sills. It is generally used on trim areas but is also sometimes used on ceilings and walls.  Satin finishes are also used on railings, cabinets, wainscoting, furniture, facades, shutters, gazebos, porches and decks and trellises. It can be used on a variety of different surfaces including wood, plaster, wallboard, metal and plastic.

What is a Paint System?

A paint system is designed to use specific types of paints and materials in order to produce optimal results. Our paint is made to be used with our system. When you use a primer it should be from our paint system. However, satin paint may not always require a primer. The use of a primer depends on the application and the surface. When you apply our satin paint over a previously painted surface it generally does not require a primer. The surface should be properly prepared.

How Do I Need To Prepare the Surface?

Prepare the surface by making sure that it is clean and dry. It should be free from dust, grease and any other substance that will impact the application of paint. If there is any grease or oil on the surface you should remove it with solvent. Then you must clean the solvent completely. You can remove minor dirt with a mild detergent and warm water. If you want to apply paint over a glossy surface you should first use a de-glossing substance. Paint in an area that is free from dust.

What Satin Paint Colors Are Available?

Satin paint is available in white as well as 10,000 FPE colors. You may also choose to have the paint tinted in any color that you prefer. This means that you will have unlimited color choices when painting with our FPE satin paint. You may view our many color options online or contact us for complimentary professional color advice and technical support.

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Satin Finish Paint
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