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stove repair CoquitlamDo you need a stove repair in the Coquitlam area? There’s a lot to consider before you make the call to a technician to come out and have a look. For example, do you know the age of your appliance? Are you the original owner or did your appliances come with your home? Are you thinking about opening up the appliance and having a look inside?

Before you do anything, make a call to Maple Tree Appliances at 778-319-1794 and let one of their technicians make a service call. For just $69 they’ll promptly diagnose the problem so you can make an informed decision as to what you’ll do next. For affordable stove repair in Coquitlam, you can count on the experts from Maple Tree Appliances.

Knowing the age of your stove will help you determine whether a repair would be in your best interest. No appliance was designed to last forever, however, if you’ve taken care of the unit, you can expect to enjoy a lot of trouble-free years of service from your stove. Your technician can let you know if the repair will involve the replacement of a part or component, or a repair that will ensure the appliance is able to operate efficiently again.

In the event that your appliance has lived out its usefullness, they may tell you that a repair is possible but would not benefit you in terms of cost-efficiency. In short, you could pay for a repair but it will only prolong the replacement by a month or two, maybe even a little longer. In this case, the technician will recommend a new model that will fit your budget and meet your needs.

Maple Tree Appliances advises their customers to beware of any repair company that asks you to pay them upfront before the repair is completed. You should be provided with a complete estimate of the parts and labor before the work begins and pay for the repair only after it is completed to your satisfaction.

Calling in a technician will save you money if you are considering your options of repair versus replacement, but you’ll only save if you contact a reliable company. Repairing your appliance in comparison with replacement can save you from 70-80% on the cost of a new purchase, however, only a professional will be able to determine if a repair is your best option. Fixing a unit that is on its last legs won’t save you any money, it will only serve to waste your time.

Technicians from Maple Tree Appliances can provide an affordable, prompt stove repair in your Coquitlam home on all major brands and many brands that are difficult to service as well. Let the tech know at the time when you place your call what brand of stove you own.

For emergency stove repair throughout Coquitlam, call 778-319-1794 or go online to to see a list of services offered, useful tips on keeping your appliances running efficiently and information on the company. You’ll be glad you called the experts who strive to deliver exceptional service every time. stove repair Coquitlam