An on-site evaluation is always required to give an accurate estimate on the scope of work to restore your log home. We will discuss the different ways and the process in which a log home can be restored and which one is best suited for your log home.


After the consultation we will provide a detailed estimate on the scope of work discussed. Estimate will include a price for sanding and/or blasting.


After the estimate and a contract is drawn up and signed the restoration can be scheduled in.

The first step will be site preparation. All furniture and landscaping will need to be removed to be protected from the dusty environment created from the restoration process. All downspouts and window trim to be removed to properly restore behind them. All windows, outlets, decks and lawn will be covered to protect from the restoration.

The second step, the sanding or blasting will begin revealing the beautiful wood beneath the UV damage wood.

The third and final step we will be to apply two or three coats whichever is required by the manufacturer. Site cleanup to be completed after staining.